STABLE Community Services (SCS) is a non-profit social service organization established to help individuals and families obtain stability and tranquility.  The evolution of STABLE Community Services initiated from the vast experiences of our founder who is committed to addressing and preventing the social issues that characterize the lives of individuals and families residing in communities with minimal resources.  The support of STABLE Community Services is based in our Board of Directors who share a similar commitment to providing quality services and a holistic approach.

STABLE Community Services envisions a society wherein all individuals and families live stable, healthy, and tranquil lives. 

Our STABLE Community Services mission is to instill values, promote principles, and teach skills that lead individuals and families with minimal resources to obtain and maintain stable and healthy lifestyles.

The STABLE Community Services Model reflects our areas of services:  Skill Development, Transitional Housing, Adoption Alternatives, Addiction Services, Behavioral Health, Life Enrichment, and Educational Assistance.

 If you would like to ensure healthy and stable lives for all, STABLE Community Services offers volunteer and employment opportunities:

  • Employment Opportunities are available for individuals who are interested in working with us to ensure healthy and stable lives for all.
  • Volunteer Opportunities are available for individuals who are interested in volunteering with us to ensure healthy and stable lives for all.

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